System & Software Engineering
Object-Oriented Methodologies

INTECS is a leader in the software engineering community in the field of advanced domain engineering techniques for reusable architecture development as well as component oriented software reuse and development.

INTECS has made a significant commitment to the Unified Modeling Language (UML), which is the design notation adopted in all of the RSEB, FODAcom, and the FeatuRSEB work described below.

More recently INTECS has provided support to the Selex-SI (formerly Alenia Marconi Systems-AMS) R&D Division for the definition of a Component Based Development SW Process in the domain of air traffic control software development, according to the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach.

INTECS also supports customers in the definition of their own process models based on UML specializations and the Model Driven Architectures (MDA) approach, and in the selection and customisation of COTS and open-source CASE tools. 

Over the past years INTECS has been involved in a customisation of the Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis (FODA) method, developed by SEI, for applications in the Italian telecommunications industry, resulting in the FODAcom method. We have collaborated with Hewlett-Packard to combine our experience, integrating FODA-derived ideas into the Reuse Driven Software Engineering Business (RSEB) of Jacobson to design a systematic, domain-driven development process called FeatuRSEB.

INTECS personnel has held the IEEE European Co-Chairmanship on software reuse, and the general chairmanship of the International Conference on Software Reuse.

INTECS participates to the ECSS E40 & Q80 Working Group; in particular it is contributing to the ECSS E40-01 guidelines for Flight Software Engineering.