EFAS is an innovative transport system designed for the next generation of access networks commonly known as Metro Ethernet.

In the networks scenario EFAS can be used for:

  • Replace of the existing legacy leased lines for data collection from business clients.

  • Re-routing of low rate interfaces via IP-DSLAM in the low capacity peripheral switching nodes.

Both scenarios require a new class of access terminals with mapping capabilities of legacy data streams (mainly E1) into Ethernet carriers (GbE).

EFAS main features

  • E1 signals converted to high speed Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces (both electrical and optical)
  • Increased Availabity / Reliability:
  • Duplicated Gigabit Ethernet Interface with Link Aggregation.
  • Duplicated Power Supply Modules.
  • Equipment redundancy for Switch Unit (2° release).
  • Indoor & Outdoor Applications (temperature range from -40°C to +70°C ).

Mechanical description

The EFAS system subrack interconnects via backplane all the units:

  • One controller unit (CC card)

  • Two Tributary units SDH/PDH User Traffic:

    • STM1C card for SDH to Ethernet con-version.

    • E1 card for PDH to Ethernet conver-sion.

  • One layer two switch unit (L2SW card)

  • One fan unit ( FAN card)

  • Two power supply units (PM card).

All the units have a fixed position in the subrack and are in-field replaceable.

Subrack mechanical dimensions:

45 (H) x 440 (W) x 235 (D) mm

PDH E1 Tributary Card

Two optional tributary cards providing each one 16x E1 interfaces for a total of 32x E1 channels.

Main block

  • LIU framer and TDM-over-Packet technology.

  • E1 traffic mapped on Ethernet frames and sent via FE channel to the L2SW card.
L2SW Switch card

The L2 Switch card provides the grooming of Ethernet traffic via two GbE interfaces.

Main block

  • The DC/DC (- 48V) converter provides all the internal tertiary voltages and also the power supply for the FAN unit.
  • A Gigabit Ethernet switch is needed to collect and distribute the user traffic of the equip-ment.
  • The card can be equipped with 2x GbE - SFP pluggable module (electrical and optical inter-faces) and 1x electrical GbE port with RJ45 connector.