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SIMIS is a Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Integrated System


In the field of ITS the heterogeneity of products and formats often ends up tying the public authorities to choose a supplier and all the applications needed for the connection between the operations room and installed sensors.
The public authorities often need to expand and manage their systems using an interface that makes available all the knowledge sources in a single framework.
The SIMIS has been created with the aim of unbinding the world of sensors from the data processing and management systems.
The development of SIMIS has followed a modular approach that allows to obtain a system composed of independent components, each of them with its own specific functionality within a centralized control room that can also operate in a distributed environment. This approach allows to obtain high scalability and adaptability for the system in order to meet the needs of the public authorities and making it the ideal solution for extremely heterogeneous operating environments, ranging from small urban and industrial areas to more complex metropolitan scenarios.

The scalability is possible at both HW and SW levels so that the user can have a high level of customization.
The SIMIS integrates:

  • parking and flow sensors using proprietary technology, it is also possible the integration of commercial sensors and surveillance systems;

  • a connection system among the centralized server and devices on the road, allowing the transport of information. Solutions are available through proprietary wireless network or telco operator;

  • a middleware for the collection and storage of data in order to provide both real time and offline information;

  • interface modules for integration with existing systems (eg VMS panels management, info by text message, heterogeneous data acquisition);

  • a simulation engine for macro/meso traffic type that allows end user to develop and update real-time estimation of traffic flows over the entire area of interest;

  • a set of services that can be scaled according to user needs: parking management, vehicle tracking, real-time flow sensing and statistical models;

  • cartographic and textual interfaces that allow local and web access to the services.

The SIMIS is highly scalable and allows to meet the specific needs of each customer, reducing costs and development time for new features