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Since the mid ’90s the railway market has been rapidly changing, with the introduction of electronic and software systems within the signalling and distancing field to substitute electro-mechanical relays. In this sector most of the integrated microprocessor electronic equipment works with software both at the basic level and at the application level. A specific standard has been introduced (CENELEC) that, with respect to the software, closely reflects existing standard in the Space sector.
INTECS has transferred into the Railway market its longstanding know-how from the Space market. New market opportunities have been identified in the area of Verification & Validation (software and system level) and within the safety-systems Certification area (Assessment) where INTECS is especially prominent. 


Software Development
INTECS deals with safety-system software (basic level and application level) for railway signalling applications, specifically for SCMT (Sistema Controllo Marcia Treno), SSC and ERTMS/ETCS according to the CENELEC EN 50128 standard. INTECS designs and implements Real Time operational systems employed in systems where safety of human life is a key application requirement. 

Verification & Validation
INTECS has an independent division acting within Verification & Validation of the different CENELEC EN 50126 life-cycle phases such as (i) reverse engineering, (ii) unit integration and system testing (iii) implementation of testing simulators, and (iv) functional validation of user requirements.

INTECS provides railway Notified Bodies with professionals qualified for assessment activities, at software and system level, and for the system/equipment development process according to the applicable CENELEC standards, as required by the European  recommendations for the interoperability 96/48/CE and 2001/16/CE.