INTECS is involved in Italian and European defence avionic programmes such as EFA, Aermacchi M346, TORNADO and NH-90 helicopter.


Embedded System
INTECS involvement in these Programmes is on a variety of tasks, including the design, development and testing of software components, Software Hazard Analysis, Independent Validation & Verification, and Software Quality Assurance tasks.


Specific emphasis is given to the rigorous use of  design criteria, development and testing applicable to  “safety-critical” systems, and to the employment of technologies such as Hazard Analysis and Hard Real-Time design capable of guaranteeing the correct behaviour of the system under critical operating conditions.

INTECS takes part in the realisation of several avionic components such as the EFA "Heads Up Display" (Computer Symbol Generator) and Helicopter Mission Management (HMM).   

These systems are designed and developed according to the international standard: DOD-STD-2167 and RTCA/DO-178B.

INTECS participates to the development of components for the training of European aircraft pilots including a distributed data base of images, maps, run-time databases, XML components and documents.