INTECS has longstanding experience in professional mobile telephony, ranging from the TETRA networks to the emerging WiMax networks.
Furthermore, INTECS has acquired significant experience in data transmission based on satellite links (Data Dissemination) and on implementation of Software Defined Radio systems.


TETRA System Applications
Since 1994 INTECS has been working for major Italian companies on the design, implementation, integration and validation of the TETRA system, a digital mobile professional network used by public forces such as Police. 

INTECS is involved in the Mobile Terminal (MS) and Radio Base Station (BS), as well as several components such as the followings:

- Different TETRA protocol levels,
- Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) both on Mobile Terminal and Radio Base Station;
- Mobile Terminal Device drivers.

Implementation of Software emulators for TETRA systems test support
Implementation of Software emulators of the TETRA network for testing procedure automation, with special regard to network loading and dimensioning. They include combination of different network elements such as: Mobile Terminal, Radio Base Station, Communication and Control Nodes, Dispatcher and Telephone Gateway.

Integration, Testing, Configuration and On-Field Installation of TETRA system
Configuration and Integration of an entire TETRA network. Execution of the overall TETRA network tests using SW simulators. Execution of the individual TETRA network elements (e.g.: Dispatcher, RadioDispatcher, Mobile Terminals, etc.). Support to On-Field Configuration and Installation of the TETRA systems.

Embedded System Application Software for WiMax networks
Design, development and testing of the Firmware for the WiMAX radio access physical level protocol, implemented on DSP array based equipment.