Modern aviation relies on efficient Air Traffic Control (ATC), which guarantees air traffic, optimises traffic flow and administers large areas of airspace. The same principles also apply to the Vessel Traffic System (VTS), providing vessels with monitoring and navigational advices especially in confined and busy waterways.

INTECS actively participates to the design and development of ATC and VTS systems.

Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control
ATC systems are dedicated in the supervision and coordination of airplane flights and airport traffic.
INTECS takes part in the design and development of various parts of ATC systems, in particular the Controller Working Position (CWP), that provides the interface toward the flight control operators, and the Flight Data Processing (FDP) system, which manages, archives and controls flight information.

Other parts developed by INTECS include the Flight Statistics and Billing sub-system, dedicated to the acquisition of flight data from the FDP system and to the statistical and billing accounting.

ATC systems requires high availability, and employ real-time distributed systems based on fault-tolerant architectures.

Moreover, in Aeroportual field, Intecs offers system integration services for a broad products suite.

Vessel Traffic System
The objective of a VTS system is to guarantee vessel traffic monitoring and emergency management. 
INTECS  participates to the development of several subsystems and components, including the Human Computer Interface, the user configuration and management functions and the real-time status monitoring of equipment over Local or Geographical Area Networks in order to prevent faults, evaluate optimal operation conditions and support maintenance activities.

These systems are designed and developed according to the international standard: MIL-STD-498.